Life in Papers.

Birth certificate. It’s like a receipt for a product called “human” (I demand to know where can I return myself! Not particularly satisfied with the quality and performance :P). It’s the first paper that begins documenting the story of our life.

Naturally, it’s necessary for every document you apply for. The country whose visa I am applying for requires it to be in English, French and German. Born in the era when internet was a neonate, mine is in Devnagri script. Also, it didn’t have my name. Lousy administration and error of parents. Nobody’s fault, really. So I set out to get the error. Since I was born in a town different from where I currently live in, I climbed the bus reluctantly (45′ Celsius makes everyone reluctant).
As usual, my thoughts started running wild, despite the confines of bus.
From the moment we are born, we are bound by papers. Birth certificate, school report cards, national ID, passport, PAN card, voter ID and what not. Our knowledge are defined by a piece of paper (report card), our character is defined by a paper (character certificate), our abilities are defined by a paper (recommendation letter), our skills are defined by a paper (certificates). And of course, there’s insurance. It directly defines our value to the world. So, a certain pair of hips that don’t lie may be insured for millions (because, well, they rake in millions) while the common man’s ass cannot even be insured if they are jobless (because they fail to rake in even thousands). And there is death certificate. The proof that you have ceased to exist. I am so grateful that the person who has died does not have apply for death certificate. Others do it for him. I like the metaphor here. A person says goodbye to the world and the papers at the same time! It’s like the person saying, “To hell with the world and papers! I am leaving!”.
If you think about it, it is the people who break these confines are the ones who change the world. Because they see the bigger picture, the future. Others simply get caught up in mundane details and lose sight of the bigger things. A movie has once brilliantly quoted- “Look closer, as close as you can. Because the closer you look, the less you see.”


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