Heralding 2017.

My story begins on the morning of New Year’s eve. Last day of what was an unsettling year.
I usually go to the gym in the morning. But as a part of my “New Year, New Me” programme, I thought why not give total mind control a try. When you go to gym, it becomes a habit. And then exercising without a gym becomes a sort of challenge. So, I decided that it’s time to quit gym and work out in fresh air. Because I didn’t really want it to be the official resolution, I started on 31st December.
After my run, on the way back home, mom asked me to pick up some groceries and fresh vegetables. As luck would have it, I was the first customer. And I fell 5₹ short in cash. Now, since I was the first customer, he gave me the stuff anyway and asked me to give the money some other time. Now we all know that such 5₹ are never really paid some other time because we tend to forget.
Now jobless as I am, I remembered about it. So, on the morning of 1st, I scrambled around the house to find some change. On my way back from the run, I went to the shopkeeper and gave him the 5₹. In return, the huge smile that I got from him was priceless. I knew in that moment that I made his day.
Now obviously, it was a very petty amount. He himself might have forgotten about it. But the fact that someone returned his money might make sure that he extends his kindness to other people as well.. Kindness and honesty is sort of a chain reaction. And what better day to start the chain reaction than New Year’s?
So my official resolution of 2017- to try to be a kind and honest person. God knows with the currency ban, we all need to be more honest. 😛


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