Things I Learnt in 2016.

Day 2: The assignment for the day is to create a list. Yep- one of those thousands lists that contain The Truth of Life. The kind that make you look wiser and smarter than you actually are. We got four topics to choose from and there is only one rule- “There are no rules”. I chose “Things I Learnt” and added the “in 2016” because 2016 changed my life. Literally.

So here it goes…

  1. You have to walk most of the roads alone. Sure, there will be people around sometimes but they will leave as soon as their exit or turn comes.
  2. Sometimes you can give your best, put in all the hard work and almost get the opportunity but still fate can snatch it away from you. Fate always has the final word.
  3. If you have this lingering feeling that you need to let go of someone or that you need a fresh, new beginning, you probably do.
  4. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. You may have wanted something for years and suddenly your circumstances change in such a way that you don’t want that thing anymore. It’s okay to admit that to yourself.
  6. In this world, your family loves you the most. Period.
  7. All you have is your present. Try not to waste it on things and people that don’t matter.
  8. You have to fight all your battles alone. People will be there to encourage you in the beginning, but eventually they will go back to their own battles.
  9. Keep your body healthy. Listen to it carefully. It will be by your side till death does you apart.
  10. Happy endings are fake. There are only ending. It’s your choice to be happy.


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