“I love your new dress! The colour looks so good on you!”

“Thank you.. But you know there was this another dress that was way prettier..”

“Then why didn’t you choose that one?”

“Because, you know, it cost way above my budget.. 😦 ”

Sounds familiar? We all have had a similar conversation at least once in our lives. The object/ subject of interest might have been different, but in essence, it was similar.

So today, my assignment is to choose out of six word prompts to publish a blog about. I chose “Choice”. See the funny part here? πŸ˜›

Every day, we make hundreds of choices. We, in fact, are a sum of all the choices we have made up to the present moment. People often complain how they are stuck at a particular job or a person they are in a relationship with. Sometimes, they complain how they are sick of their routine or maybe, a toxic friendship.

I feel, we always have the ultimate say, we always have the choice to change our situation. Very few of us encounter situations that don’t present us with a better choice. Most of the better choices involve a lot of hard work and patience. You see, most of the good choices are expensive. Very few of us can afford or are willing to pay the huge price of the choice.

Breaking up with a friend or a partner involves courage, explanations, and heart-break. Changing jobs, pursuing further education involves a lot of studying, consistent hard work, patience, taking risk, sometimes taking up a loan from a bank and what not. Changing routines may involve eating healthier, exercising regularly, taking up a new hobby or spending less. All these things take a lot of discipline, learning new skills, and above all, willingness to let go of your comfort zone. You may get distanced from your friends, miss out on delicious food, miss out on hang outs, movies and many of the things that normal 20-somethings do. But then all the good things come with their price.

The real question is- are we willing to pay the price for the better choice?

My doctor, unintentionally, answered the question a few months ago. He said, “Cheap things cost us a lot in long term. So much so that we wonder if we should have chosen the better option back when we had a chance.”




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