His Existence.

“Ecclesiastes call you All-Powerful; the Maccabees call you the Creator; the Epistles to the Ephesians call you Liberty; Baruch call you Immensity; the Pslams call you Wisdom and Truth; John calls you Light; the Books of Kings call you  Lord; Exodus calls you Providence; Leviticus, Sanctity; Esdras, Justice; the creation calls you God; man calls you Father; but Solomon calls you Compassion and that is the beautiful of all names.” – Les Misérables  (Victor Hugo)

While reading the Les Misérables , I came across the most profound line ever written about God.  Being a non-conformist, I neither accept nor deny his existence. I simply say  that I haven’t found faith yet. The reason for this maybe the fact that our news are saturated with the acts of rampant violence, intolerance and unkindness. Violence in the name of God simply tarnishes his name.

Man is an animal, though he is supposedly different from other animals because of his advanced intellectual faculties. But in my opinion, he is different from other animals because of his ability to get past his selfish desires and do something good for others- compassion in tangible form of actions. Whether this ability actually used or not differentiates us from each other.

Those of us who find God in compassion, liberty, justice, and truth instead of archaic, redundant rituals have truly found him. The rest of us, maybe, remain animals with advanced intellectual faculties.


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