Land And Rains.

The land looks so beautiful when it rains- the enticing fragrance of the soil, the pleasant moist winds, the first of the leaves of flora that will be dominating the land.. It’s all so dream-like.
But have you ever noticed how everything starts to wither, when it hasn’t rained for long time? Have you ever paid attention to the nuances of a slow destruction?
The land survives on it’s reserve resources for a considerable period of time. When it’s reserves start depleting, the wild grass is first to die. Land cannot afford such frivolous pleasures. Slowly, the flowers on the shrubs die. Land cannot propagate life anymore, it can just sustain the existing life. The next ones to go are the herbs and the shrubs, after all, they grow pretty quickly and consume a lot of energy.
Then the real destruction begins. The leaves on the age old trees start yellowing and drying, shedding tears on the Mother Earth. The land starts developing cracks. The cracks existed for a long time but they start deepening in a painful way. Instead of green, everything turns brown. There is a lot of dryness and heat in the air. But at nights, if you listen carefully, you can hear the dry leaves rustle, as if they are crying, pleading the heavens for a single drop of rain.
You can sense the despair, the anger, the endless wait for the first rains.. And when they actually arrive, it takes a very long time to heal. But after the land heals, you cannot even fathom that there were deep cracks and scars just some time ago..

If you look at it carefully, this is what happens to us when we go through really tough times. So look at people carefully, try to bring a few drops of joy to the person in despair, help them to hold on for some more time.. Because the arrival of rains is inevitable but at the same time, delayed.

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